Alberto Medina Lopez

Estate of Basilio Lopez Martin

Estate of Basilio Lopez Martin Administration

PO Box 6596 Woodbridge VA 22195-6596

Tel 571-288-7383

Barack Obama

Hon. President of United States of America

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Hon. Mr. President Obama:

As certified owners of 90% of the lands at the U.S. Territory of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico since the year 1750, with $600 trillion accumulated assets, this is to ask an urgent meeting to discuss our interest to pay the national debt of America and Puerto Rico ($18.4 trillion).

Also with the interest to improve our national economy, discussing increasing the minimum income of all American employees at $75,000 per year, subsidizing the payroll of all the employers nationwide.

Waiting for your soon response,


Alberto Medina Lopez

Administrator, Heir & Grantee