Did you receive a 1099 from us?

As mandate by the U.S. Tax Code (26 U.S.C. §§ Et. Al.), every year we are legally obligated to report to the IRS all direct and indirect (tangible & intangible) taxable income from your parent company and multinational subsidiaries business activities using our past and present multi-trillion worldwide accumulated assets.

According to the IRS instructions, generally, all punitive damages must be reported, like any damages for nonphysical injuries or sickness, and any other taxable damages even if they relate to physical injury or physical sickness.

Also, compensatory damages for nonphysical injuries or sickness, such as employment discrimination or defamation.

After receiving States and IRS tax liabilities, to offset these obligations, we had no other option to report to the U.S. Treasury minimum taxable accumulated liabilities from your sales, manufacturing operations, environmental impact, real estate, damages, price shifting, inversions, goodwill and/or intellectual property revenues as a loss. Actually the IRS is taxing against us the income you produce on our assets.

As owners of Puerto Rico's lands since the year 1750, pursuant the Right of Accession (31 P.R.A.L. §§ Et. Al.), we are entitled to receive and have absolute ownership over all the local and international economy derived from all our accumulated immovable and movable assets produced by you at or using our lands and currency.

All past, present and future liquid and no liquid assets produced on our lands, or via using the funding produced on our lands, allocated around the globe, that we have the right to receive and control but we never receive go on our favor as a loss, and, on your side, as taxable income.

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